These days, not all kids memorize Times Tables or learn Long Division.

As a result, many cannot calculate their change when making a purchase.


Video: How to Recite Times Tables













And, for the more ambitious …






Test your Times Tables knowledge 01


Test your Times Tables knowledge 02



Download Printable 11" x 17" Times Tables Poster.




Note to Parents: 

To ensure that your child memorize Times Tables or Learn Long Division,

You must often teach them yourself.


The Memorization of Multiplication Tables is the greatest effort a child

will ever make in his/her entire life, in Math (or Arithmetic).

But the Payback is well worth it.


... A Child will not learn Times Tables on his own. He needs parental push.




It is also important that you test your child's addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division skills.

Problems areas can be easily fixed before age 10.



Practicing MENTAL ARITHMETIC is very important. It helps you calculate your change.


Two Great App for Learning Multiplication Tables, in 17 Languages:

TimzTables (Free)


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